Cap & Bucket Hat

"People have something in common: they are all different."

N°52, The Summer Cap

Lemon, saffron, golden, Mars, cobalt, Naples, neon … yellow is multi-faceted and undivided.

Harold James


Sandra Lou

TV, radio, actress, producer and development manager at noise Gate Agency

Cap & Bucket Hat

collective energy can be felt in each of the brand's products.

Joseph Allen Shea

Joseph Allen Shea is a gallerist, curator, consultant, publisher and writer. Without distinguishing between these creative activities, he approaches his different works as a singular output.
He is the co-owner of Galerie Allen, Paris which opened in 2013.

Mai Nguyen

As a consultant for one of the leading trend agencies in Paris, Mai has kept from her philosophy studies the taste for investigation, questioning, and desire to bring out meaning, coherence, and prospective vision, whatever the subject matter.

N°51, The Spring Boby

On our end, it will be six, which corresponds to the number of items available online as of now.

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Far from seasonal trends, Le Panache Paris offers you a brand new model every month.

N°50, Another Standard

The 3 Panel Cap by Le Panache Paris revisits the stylish codes of North American culture in the French way.